Thug Attacks 67 year-old Patriot, But It Doesn’t End Well For Him

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67 year-old Bill Strudel is a retired Sheriff’s sergeant in Jacksonville, Florida. This week, he was attacked by a gang of thugs who surrounded his SUV and demanded he hand it over. Strudel, however, had other ideas.

At first, Strudel tried to swat a gun out of one of the punk’s hands. This didn’t work, and the thug instead hit Strudel in the head with it.

Then, the “old man” turned the tables on his attackers by grabbing his own gun and shooting the armed 15 year-old wannabe gangster in the butt!

“He took a pretty significant blow to the head,” local Police Chief Frank Mackesy said of the 67-year-old. “He was definitely shaken up.”

“The suspect messed with the wrong guy,” Mackesy, who is a personal friend of Strudel’s, added. “He was responding in a way he was trained to respond. If it had been anybody else out there, I don’t know how this would have turned out.”

Despite his injuries, Strudel stopped to pray with bystanders as they waited for an ambulance to arrive. We’re thankful that he was able to fight his way out of this!

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