Michelle Obama Issues Racist Messages To American White Girls…This Is Unbelievable


March 30, 2015 11:10am PST

Michelle Obama showed once again just how racist she is this past weekend when she participated in an event called “Black Girls Rock!”

The event was intended to celebrate the achievements of African American women, but Michelle Obama made some comments that are coming back to bite her today.

According to Conservative Tribune,¬†Michelle told the crowd that young African American women should ignore the voices in our culture that tell them they’re “not good enough.” Of course, this implies that white people are constantly telling black girls that they aren’t good enough, a statement which made by our first lady can only do harm to the American people.

This comment either implies that it is white girls who actually aren’t good enough, or it implies that there’s a huge conspiracy to make black girls feel like they aren’t good enough. Either way, Michelle’s statement is inherently racist, and Americans everywhere should be deeply offended by it.

It is “open-minded” liberals like Michelle Obama who try to constantly play races against each other. We should be focusing on coming together as Americans, not on splitting off into different races. Shame on you, Michelle, for condoning racism and making sure it remains in the American psyche.


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