Cops Pull Over Legal Gun Owner, What Happens Next Is Disgusting

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A shocking new video shows cops pull over a legal gun owner and try to confiscate his weapon as they reveal they are totally ignorant of the Second Amendment.

Legal gun owner Cody Lewis was driving in South Florida when police officers pulled him over and began to harass him about his gun. On the description of the video, Lewis described what happened:

“While traveling in Florida, a State Trooper pulled me over for speeding. I asked multiple times for the trooper’s name and badge number, but he never responded once. Then, he asked if there were any weapons and I said, “yes.” When the other troopers pulled up they said the reason they wanted to take the gun is because it’s visible, but it was never visible until I showed them.

The other troopers walked up with hands on their guns ready to draw them. I made it clear that they can’t take my weapon or open my door. When I wasn’t looking the trooper reached in the window and opened it. After I turned around he reached for my camera and I said, “don’t take it.” They violated many rights and that is not OK. The entire stop took a total of 23:00 minutes, just for a traffic stop.”

It’s sad that even some cops don’t know what the Second Amendment is now. This is what happens when you have a president like Obama for six years…

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