Obama Preparing To Make This Massive Move In June – This Isn’t Good

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Obama is planning to make a major move in his nuclear deal with Iran that could have a devastating impact on us all.

By June, the State Department will have transferred $12 billion to Iran during negotiations, which are scheduled to end that month. This essentially means that thanks to Obama, we have given aid to a sworn enemy of the U.S. as we directly support terrorism.

According to former Clinton advisor Dick Morris, these Iranian funds were kept frozen during the Carter and Reagan administrations. Now, Obama is releasing these funds at an alarming rate of half a billion per month.

Shockingly enough, Iran is now receiving more money from the U.S. than any other country except for Afghanistan, where we still have troops. Suddenly, under the Obama regime, Israel only receives $3 billion from the U.S. per year.

It’s sickening that our president is doing everything he can to defy the constitution and help terrorists take America down.

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