Drama Teacher Forces Students To Watch Video Of Her Genitalia

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A drama teacher in England is in big trouble this week after she forced her new students to watch a video of her vagina.

Lauren Barri-Holstein is a drama lecturer at Queen Mary University, and she had a very unusual video to show her students when they first entered her classroom.

The students were forced to watch a video of their teacher inserting a knife into her vagina before throwing tomatoes at the blade. The footage then shifted to a birthing sequence that involved a plastic Bambi figurine and a condum blowing out of her vagina as pop music played in the background.

Outraged parents called the video depraved, but Barri-Holstein defends it as “feminist performance art concerned with the female body.”

“It was surreal. I honestly didn’t know how to react. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look her in the eye in person, it’s just weird,” said one of the students, according to Breitbart. “It’s not even the fact we saw her lady parts, it’s the fact I literally have no idea how the clip was in any way related to this module. It was just so extreme and I don’t understand why it was in any way necessary.”

Liberal students defended their teacher after viewing the video.

“I understand her credo is to actively gross out the audience and challenge us, which does actually make sense,” said a student. “She’s really passionate about exposing our socially engrained expectations, so I’m going to suspend my judgement and wait until I get to know her better as a teacher.”

Watch the video for yourself and see what you think. Is this something a teacher should be showing her students? Let us know in the comments section.

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