U.S. Court Just Gave Muslims Some Very Bad News

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Some Muslims were trying to enforce Shariah Law in America, but this U.S. court had other ideas.

It all started when some Philadelphia Muslims tried to shut down a political ad “that spotlights Islamic Jew-hatred and urges the United States to cut off foreign aid to Muslim countries.”

The ad was made by American Freedom Defense Initiative’s co-founder Pamela Geller, who was trying to expose her city to the true nature of Islam. According to Conservative Tribune, she was inspired to make the ad after Philadelphia decided to honor Laila Ghannam, a Palestinian Authority-associated terrorist sympathizer.

Geller’s ad featured Adolf Hitler meeting with deceased Palestinian leader Hajj Amin al-Husseini, and Muslims were immediately outrage. Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority filed a lawsuit on behalf of Muslims, saying the ad violates “civility standards” and allegedly puts “every single Muslim in the same category (of) being a Jew hater.”


Unfortunately for the Muslims, their lawsuit didn’t get very far.

U.S. District Judge Mitchell S. Goldberg wasn’t having any of it, and he immediately slapped the suit down. He described SETA’s attempts to shut down the ad as “a principled attempt to limit hurtful, disparaging advertisements.”

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