BREAKING: Obama Signs Landmarks Executive Order

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Obama has signed yet another executive order, and this time he’s slashed the federal government’s greenhouse gas emissions. The White House claims that this order is the equivalent of taking 5.5 million cars off the road.

According to The Blaze, the order will attempt to cut the government’s emissions by 40% from 2008 levels. Obama had failed multiple times to get the legislation through congress, so as per usual, he took matters into his own hands and signed the executive order himself.

Obama claims his new order will save taxpayers $18 billion by 2025, which seems both suspicion and unlikely. Obama has never cared about the taxpayers at all before, and has made a habit out of spending as much of our money as he can.

Hopefully this order won’t hurt the American people, and was just another chance for Obama to feel like a king by signing an executive order. We get it, Obama, you have power, but don’t forget that you won’t have it much longer…

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