What Obama Just Announced About Foreign Aid Has Many Screaming Treason

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Obama has a new plan to defeat ISIS, and it can only be described as utterly treasonous.

Obama’s latest strategy to take on the terrorist organization is to give Muslims aid.

Yes, you read that right: Obama wants to defeat a radical Muslim terrorist organization by helping Muslims.

“I’m confident that (the Islamic State group’s defeat) will happen but what I’m worried about and what we’ll have to stay worried about is even if ISIL is defeated, the underlying problem of disaffected Sunnis around the world,” Obama said, according to Conservative Tribune.

“We can’t keep on thinking of counterterrorism and security as entirely separate from diplomacy, development, education, all these things that are considered soft, but in fact are vital to our national security,” he added. “We don’t fund those.”

Obama’s master plan is to use American money to fund foreign aid programs for potential ISIS members, which he claims could “ultimately save us from having to send our young men and women to fight or having folks come here and doing great harm.”

Yeah right, like ISIS is really going to drop everything and surrender when the Peace Corps arrives.

This is yet another example of Obama using his presidency to further the Muslim agenda. Shame on you, Obama!

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