Hillary Clinton Gets Some Very Bad News – This Could Change Everything

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Hillary Clinton just got some news that could put an end to her presidential dreams once and for all.

Reports say Hillary has just been told that her popularity has plummeted in the wake of her emails scandal. In fact, polls say Hillary is now disliked by 44% of Americans. This is the same percentage that Hillary was disliked by when she dropped out of the presidential race in 2008.

According to Daily Mail, this is a 6% drop since November polls, which found that Hillary is disliked by 38% of Americans.

Hillary Clinton is also liked by a slim majority, with 53% of Americans saying they like her. This is down from 59% in November, and her 2011 peak of 69%.

Hillary has called press conferences to try and explain the emails away, but it seems that every time she opens her mouth, she only makes it worse. Keep digging your hole deeper, Hillary. We’ll just be sitting here watching your presidential hopes fly away!

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