House Democrats Make Major Move Towards Gun Control – This Isn’t Good

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Last month, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives caused outrage in the gun community when they tried to ban popular ammo M855 by claiming it’s “armor piercing” (it isn’t).

After major backlash from gun-lovers, the ATF backed down and dropped their plans for the ban. Now, the Democrats in congress are livid, and they’re pushing for the ATF to go forward with the ban.

New York Representative Steve Israel has announced that he intends to force the ATF to “reevaluate” their plans to drop the ban. He has released a statement to the ATF demanding they impose the ban, saying M855 ammo can be used in the new AR-15 handguns.

According to Conservative Tribune, Israel and his fellow gun-haters have also introduced a new piece of legislation that would redefine what ammo is “armor piercing” in the eyes of the ATF. This bill would define virtually all ammunition for the AR-15 rifle as “armor piercing,” meaning the most popular rifle in the country would effectively be banned.

While there’s no way this bill will make it through the Republican-controlled congress, it does show where the Democrats heads are at right now. Should they get control of congress again anytime soon, it won’t be good for any of us.

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