Michelle Obama Just Committed Major Act of Treason


March 13, 2015 2:35pm PST

What Michelle Obama just did could land her in big trouble as many are calling it an act of treason.

The first lady recently decided to celebrate the Iranian New Year at the White House with delicious food and expensive entertainment. The timing of this celebration conveniently coincided with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s address to congress less than a month ago.

According to Conservative Tribune, Michelle’s party for Iran also came days after Republicans sent an open letter to the Middle Eastern nation telling them that Obama does not have the power to make deals without congressional approval.

Unfazed by all of this, Michelle spoke of new beginnings at the New Year celebration. This is ironic considering Iran is potentially about to celebrate the “new beginning” of their nuclear arms deal.

Michelle told her guests that celebrations like the Iranian New Year are the “traditions that make us who we are as a country.” That’s weird, considering the vast majority of Americans have no idea when the Iranian New Year is.

Once again, Michelle Obama has shown that she has no respect for this country or it’s inhabitants. Michelle, if you love Iran so much, why don’t you move there!


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