Obama Just Announced Illegal Power Grab – This Could Change Everything

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The Obama administration has asked an appeals court to lift a judge’s decision to place a hold on the president’s immigration amnesty plan.

On Thursday, Department of Justice attorneys filed an emergency motion with the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals in New Orleans, Louisiana to lift a preliminary injunction issued by Judge Andrew Hanen last month.

Hanen’s injunction was issued on the request of 26 states who filed a lawsuit of their own to overturn Obama’s amnesty plan. These states, led by Texas, claim that Obama’s plan is unconstitutional and would only force them to spend more money on law enforcement. Hanen’s injunction gave them more time to build a case, and the president is not happy about it.

In their motion, the Justice Department calls the injunction “unprecedented and wrong” and argues that lifting it is important to “irreparably interferes with (the Homeland Security Department’s) ability to protect the Homeland and secure our borders.”

According to Daily Mail, they went on to say that if the injunction is not lifted, it should at least apply either only to Texas or to the 26 other states in the lawsuit.

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“President Obama’s unconstitutional use of executive power to accomplish what he couldn’t do in Congress sets a dangerous precedent that threatens the fabric of our Republic,” Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton said in response to the Justice Department’s emergency motion. “The state of Texas and a bipartisan coalition of 25 other states will continue to oppose the President’s unilateral and lawless actions.”

14 states, including California and Iowa, filed a motion on Thursday with the 5th circuit court in support of Obama’s crusade to lift the injunction.

Experts say the 5th circuit court is known for being fairly conservative, so this case could easily end up before the supreme court eventually

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