Al Sharpton Assumed She Was On His Side – Boy Was He Wrong

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When an anonymous black woman began posting videos online about race, Al Sharpton and his minions assumed she was on his side. Unfortunately for them, they turned out to be very wrong.

The woman lays into Sharpton, calling him a “race-baiting, tired, pathetic … no good for nobody a**.”

“Leave it to Reverend Al Sharpton to make two cops being murdered about him. Nobody cares that you received death threats. Nobody cares about you. You are the reason this is happening,” she adds. “Take your old, stale, trouble-making, race-baiting, tired, pathetic, perverted, coke-sniffing no good for nobody a** somewhere and sit down.”

We applaud this woman for having the courage to take a stand against race baiters. It would be easy for her to join the other race pimps, but instead she’s sticking to her morals and calling people out on their lies. Good for her!

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