Muslim Welfare Queen Attempts To Use Shariah Law On Judge – She Never Expected This To Happen

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When proud Muslim welfare queen Rania El-Allou appeared in a Quebec court in her hijab, she learned the hard way that Shariah law isn’t welcome in the courts of Canada.

The Muslim freeloader was appearing in court to get her car back, which had been seized by police after her son had been caught driving it with a suspended license.

Judge Eliana Marengo immediately told El-Allou that she must remove her headscarf, as it was not suitable for court. When the Muslim refused, the judge told her that her courtroom was “secular” and “There are no religious symbols in this room, not on the walls and not on the persons.”

“The same rules need to be applied to everyone,” the judge explained, according to Conservative Tribune. “I will therefore not hear you if you are wearing a scarf on your head, just as I would not allow a person to appear before me wearing a hat or sunglasses on his or her head, or any other garment not suitable for a court proceeding.”

El-Allou continued to refuse, and eventually played the welfare card. She whined that she needed the car back as she had three children, but the judge wasn’t budging on the hijab. Eventually, Marengo dismissed the Muslim from her courtroom.

“I felt that I’m not Canadian anymore,” El-Allou whined to reporters afterwards.

We applaud Judge Marengo for having the courage to take a stand against political correctness and Shariah law.

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