They Stumbled Upon ‘Underground Bunker’ In The Woods – What They Found Inside Is Chilling

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A secret underground bunker has been found deep in the woods of Seattle, Washington, and what was found inside has caused the FBI to be called in.


The FBI says that the bunker was used by bank robber Bradley Robinett, 46, who spent five years on the run before he was arrested last summer. Known as one of America’s most notorious criminals, Robinett was convicted of robbery and car theft as well as unlawful possession of a machine gun before he escaped prison in 2009.


According to Daily Mail, Robinett was a former marine, which gave him the skills he needed to survive in the outdoors during the five years he spent on the run. He was known for making makeshift shelters and bunkers deep in forests.


The cramped bunker is eight feet wide by ten feet long and has a bed, plastic bags, and a storage area filled with soda. Unconfirmed reports say that jewelry and weapons were also found in the bunker.


Robinett led federal authorities to the bunker as part of his plea agreement, and it is due to be demolished once a forensic investigation is concluded.


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