Black Thug Shoots White Federal Judge, What Happens Next Is Disturbing

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Last Thursday, two black thugs shot District Court Judge Terrence C. Berg in the thigh outside his Michigan home as they tried to rob it.

While the media rushes to cover any crime in which a white person attacks a black person, the liberal press largely ignored the case of a prominent white judge being randomly shot by young black thugs.

Berg’s wife Ann Sevier was inside the house when her 55 year-old husband was shot, and she saw the whole thing. She said the punks approached Berg and demanded he let them into his house. Knowing his wife was inside, Berg selflessly refused to comply and instead blocked the doorway with his body.

Livid that the judge wasn’t intimidated by them, the thugs shot him in the leg. His wife was in shock as she heard her husband scream for help.

“It didn’t really register,” she told reporters, according to The Conservative Tribune. “I heard a gunshot and my husband yelling and that sort of thing, yelling for people.”

Unfortunately, the thugs remain on the run, and police have no substantive leads. All they know is the two shooters were black, and that they were driving a black Chrysler 300 or charger. They also did not appear to specifically be targeting the judge.

The fact that the liberal media is ignoring this story will undoubtedly help Berg’s attackers continue to escape justice. Welcome to Obama’s America, folks!

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