Liberal Mayor Walks Into Room Full Of Cops He Disrespected, Watch What Happens Next

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Back in 2014, New York mayor Bill de Blasio turned his back on the NYPD after the death of Eric Garner, who died after being placed in a chokehold by a cop.

Even after two NYPD officers were brutally murdered by a thug, de Blasio still barely spoke out in their favor and continued to side with the race baiters. He even warned his 17 year-old mixed race son to be careful around armed NYPD officers.

After all of this, de Blasio had the nerve to walk into a room full of NYPD officers for a press conference. However, the mayor quickly learned that this was a big mistake.

Watch as all the cops turn their backs on de Blasio, making no attempt to hide what they really think about him.

We support you, members of the NYPD!

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