Chinese Restaurant “Accidentally” Sells Pork To Muslims, What Happens Next Is Insane

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P.F. Chang’s Chinese Bistro is in hot water after they accidentally served pork to Muslims.

Eric Star and his family, who are all devout Muslims, came to the restaurant for dinner and ordered the “Hong Kong Beef” dish after being assured that it did not contain pork. After receiving their meal, the family discovered that there were indeed traces of pork in it, and they were not happy.

The complaint states that when Star called to order the meal, he told employees that his reasons for not ordering pork were both religious and medical, as his son is allergic to it. He claims that the employees of the restaurant then laughed at him, mocking him for his religious beliefs and calling him stupid for trying to ensure that there was no pork in a beef dish.

When Star and brought the food home, he noticed that the meat was lighter in coloring than beef normally is. His son then had an allergic reaction to the food, making it clear that it was indeed pork.

When Star called P.F. Chang’s to complain, the manager told him that the “Hong Kong Beef” did indeed contain pork. The news nearly destroyed his family.

Star says his wife is epileptic, and she allegedly began suffering seizures regularly and was eventually diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder. Star lost his job, and he says his family was ostracized by the Muslim community.

While this sob story may sound convincing, there are some serious inconsistencies in the complaint. For example, investigator’s questioned how Star and his wife knew of their son’s “pork allergy” when they claimed they had never eaten pork.

Regardless of whether the Chinese restaurant employees intentionally put pork in the meal, legal experts say they are legally responsible for at least some of the counts in the lawsuit.

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