This Jail Is Sticking It To Their Muslim Inmates In A Major Way

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186 Muslim inmates in Britain have launched lawsuits against the government after they found out their prison meals were being prepared with pork.

The Quran forbids all Muslims from eating pork, and the inmates were unaware that they had until tests on the prison’s sausages, shepherd’s pies, steaks, and pastries revealed they all contained pork.

Tests showed that Halal sausage rolls served in the prisons were actually 5% pork. The steak and kidney pies were made up of pork by an astounding 60-100%.

Now, the British government is scrambling to get theses lawsuits under control, fearing that it could spread quickly. There are 11,248 Muslims incarcerated across Britain, and they make up 13.1% of the country’s prison population.

“The Ministry of Justice has received a number of civil litigation claims following the discovery of contaminated halal food in March earlier this year,” said Justice Minister Jeremy Wright, according to The Telegraph. “Each claim will be considered on its merits and robustly defended where appropriate.”

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