Woman Caught Beating Up State Trooper – What Happens Next Is Insane

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A shocking new video shows a woman try to beat up a state trooper on a greyhound bus, but what happens next is even more shocking.

The video opens with the woman walking to the front of the bus and punching the trooper in the face. You would think the other passengers would step in to help the officer, but no one does. In fact, no one even yells at the crazy woman who is fighting the police officer.

Instead, the passengers nonchalantly suggest that the cop try harder to fight, even though they could easily put an end to the tussle themselves.

”She should taser her or something,” one passenger can be heard saying of the female state trooper, according to The Blaze.

“What is that police officer doing?” another woman exclaimed, before adding, “She better shoot her.”

Finally, the bus driver called 911, and the violent woman was placed under arrest for assaulting a corrections officer. The sickening video shows just how far our society has fallen, and how little sympathy police get these days.

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