Fox News Scores Major Victory – Liberals Are Going To Hate This

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Fox just got some news that is sure to make liberals everywhere livid: they were just named the most trusted network by the American public.

A recent poll at Quinnipiac University revealed that the majority of Americans trust Fox more than any other network. Researchers contacted 1,286 registered voters and asked them which news network they trusted the most. 29% said their favorite news source was Fox, with CNN coming in 2nd at 22%.

According to Conservative Tribune, NBC and CBS came next in the poll with a score of 10% each. Coming in dead last was MSNBC, which was only the most trusted by 7% of those polled. This looks particularly bad for liberals, considering the fact that MSNBC is widely believed to be the most liberal network.

While the mainstream media loves to paint Fox as a crazy and poor news source, it appears that most Americans disagree. Take that liberal media!

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