Police Reveal New Details About Clint Eastwood’s Girlfriend’s Violent Past- This Isn’t Good

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Last week, we reported on the violent past of Clint Eastwood’s much-younger girlfriend Christina Sandera, who was once arrested for assaulting her husband. Now, police have spoken out to reveal new details about Sandera’s arrest.

Police reports state that Sandera’s 2003 arrest came just after the death of her beloved cat. She told cops that she was awakened by her then-husband Paul Wainscoat, and in a confused state, she asked him, “where are my kittens?”

While Wainscoat said she assaulted him, Sandera claimed she merely “touched” him on the chest since she was “distraught.”

“Sandera said she did not strike Wainscoat in any way,” police reports stated, according to In Touch Weekly. “Sandera said Wainscoat then became verbally abusive. He began taking furniture out of the house, and yelled at her, ‘You’ll be hearing from my lawyers.’”


Sandera, now 51, reportedly told police that her husband had actually abused her in the past, and that she hadn’t reported the abuse out of fear.

“The allegations by her ex-husband of alleged domestic abuse are absolutely false,” an insider close to Sandera told reporters. “It was she who was the victim of abuse by her ex-husband.”

These new details make the story of the American Sniper’s girlfriend all the more confusing. Who do you think is telling the truth? Is Eastwood safe with this woman who some are calling an abusive gold digger? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section. 

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