Obama Spent Tens of Millions of Dollars On THIS

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We knew Obama was an overspender, but we had no idea it was this bad…

It has been revealed that President Obama has spent tens of millions of dollars on the 38 family vacations his family has taken since he entered office. He is scheduled to take at least 7 more before he leaves the presidency, bringing the Obamas up to a total of 45 vacations in eight years.

According to the Washington Examiner, last year Obama’s vacation tab reached $40 million, and that was before the family trips to China, Martha’s Vineyard, and Hawaii.


“The Obamas are abusing the public trust and the taxpayers with unnecessary luxurious vacations and travel,” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton said in releasing those details of flight charges to Martha’s Vineyard and Hawaii. “These staggering costs show why these documents were covered up and we had to sue in federal court to get them. Another transparency fail for the Obama gang.”

Liberals love to point out that President Bush took more vacations than Obama, but they ignore the fact that the vast majority of these were spent at the Bush ranch in Texas, which kept the costs relatively low.

Obama will undoubtedly continue to use our hard-earned tax dollars to finance his trips around the world. Frankly, this makes us sick…

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