Thug Throws A Brick At A Car, Then THIS Happens

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Security footage shows a thug throw a brick through a Mercedes window before getting some instant karma.

The Mercedes was parked outside of a pub in Ireland when the wannabe thief went on the attack. The young punk threw a brick at the beautiful car, but instead of breaking it, the brick bounced off the window and hit the thug in the head, knocking him to the ground.

Pub owner Gerry Brady came out to see what happened, and the thug told him that he had been “attacked,” but Brady became suspicious when he told him not to call an ambulance.

“My partner then noticed the damage to her car, I had a look at the Merc and could see dents on it. We got the cops and they took him away after we showed them the CCTV,” Brady said, according to American Onlooker.

Luckily, Brady and the authorities had the security footage to find out the truth.

“We have the whole thing on CCTV, and it’s quite hilarious,” he said.

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