Fox Involved In Massive New Scandal- This Anchor Could Be In Trouble

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As liberals continue to comb through the stories of Fox News anchors to find holes and lies, yet another anchor may be in trouble.

Emily Miller, chief investigative reporter for Fox 5 in Washington D.C, has become the latest target after liberals found inconsistencies in her story that she was a victim of home invasion, leading her to become a strong pro-gun advocate.

Miller,44, told the National Rifle Association that she returned to a friend’s while dog-sitting for them on New Years Eve 2010 to find it being robbed. She said she tried to take a picture of the robbers, and was then chased by 15 men.


The police reports, however, tell a very different and less dramatic story. According to them, Miller left for 10 minutes to walk the dog around 3  and returned to find a man walking out from behind the fence of the home. When she asked him why he was there, he said he was delivering firewood. Feeling that something was “not right,” she took a picture of his van before he left.

Later that evening, Miller’s credit card company called her to report fraudulent activity on her card. She checked her wallet to find her credit cart and $50 missing, so she called the police. They tracked down the purchases to Walmart and a tattoo shot, but Miller stopped returning their calls when police asked if she wished to proceed further.


Miller’s version of the story was far more dramatic. She claimed to the NRA that the robbery happened at night instead of at 3 in the afternoon.

“A man- the police believed to be a drug addict – got into the house and started robbing it,” she said, according to Daily Mail. “So when I came back into the house he was in there robbing.”

“He took my wallet but I was able to talk him out of the house without hurting me, thank God,” Miller added.

Miller claims she then followed him out, “which was really stupid,” and then came upon 15 thugs standing by a pickup truck across the street. They chased her down, but she was able to run to police just in the nick of time.

“Going to bed that night in this house, it was the first time in my life I thought ‘I just wish I had a gun by my night table then I can defend myself if those men come in,'” she said.

From that day on, Miller says she was an outspoken pro-gun advocate. On other occasions she has said she was the victim of a “home invasion” in numerous interviews and appearances. In her book, Emily Got Her Gun…But Obama Wants To Take Yours, Miller mentioned taking a picture of the 15 thugs, but said nothing about them chasing her.


Liberals say the discrepancies in her story are important since she has “hinged a career on it.” When asked to comment, Miller refused to speak to the press.

Do you think Miller deserves to be punished, or was her heart in the right place? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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