You’ll Never Watch The NBA Again After You See What They Just Did

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In an unbelievably ridiculous move, the NBA has launched a feminist campaign to lecture men for “not doing enough housework.”

According to Infowars, NBA stars like Lebron James and Stephen Curry “will deliver the message in public service announcements aired during NBA games on major TV networks over the next few months. Google will be promoting the cause Thursday on the main page of its heavily trafficked search engine.”

The campaign is being headed up by Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg, and it is intended to lecture men to “take more responsibility for housework and child care,” ordering them to do their “fair share of daily chores” by taking care of “dishes in the sink or laundry piling up.”


It’s ironic that Sandberg and her goons are behind this, considering they were previously behind a campaign to ban the word “bossy.” Now, they intend to boss male viewers of the NBA around to make them “better husbands.”

It’s also ironic that Lebron James of all people is this campaign’s spokesman, considering the fact that he has a maid and has probably never done housework in his life.

How do you feel about the NBA’s brainwashing program? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

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