Muslim Group Sues U.S. Navy, The Reason Why Is Insane

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A prominent Muslim group has announced they are suing the U.S. Navy, and the reason why is ridiculous.

According to American Overlook, The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is suing the U.S. Navy over their facial hair ban.

The case centers around Jonathan Berts, an African American Muslim who was allowed to grow his beard out his first four years in service because of a medical skin condition. However, when he later wanted to grow out a beard for Muslim reasons, his request was denied.

Berts also says he suffered “a barrage of derogatory terms, anti-Islamic slurs, and inappropriate lines of questions about his religious beliefs and loyalty to the United States” during his time in the Navy.

Berts claims he was denied a position he was previously recommended for because of his faith. He was transferred from being a barracks instructor who taught physical education and military history to recruits to being a guard at an “abandoned, roach-infested building.”

The Department of Defense has relaxed their position on grooming since 2011, when Berts was honorably discharged.

“We appreciate that the Department of Defense has made strides in updating its stance on religious accommodations,” the CAIR attorney said, but the military must “remedy the harm caused.”

The lawsuit was filed in California, and it seeks a pension and other benefits for Berts as well as allowing him to participate in active service.

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