He Thought It Was a Normal Truck Stop…The Truth Was Very Different


March 4, 2015 1:57pm PST

Trucker Kevin Kimmel was at a truckstop in Virginia when he came upon something unusual.

Kimmel was walking when he saw a distraught woman sitting behind a curtain in a truck. He began knocking on the window, and the girl desperately rocked back and forth, signaling to him that she was in danger.

The trucker called the police, who raided the truck and found a couple with a 20 year-old woman with puncture wounds and burn marks all over her body. It turned out that Kimmel had rescued a woman from a life of sex trafficking. The girl had been abducted on Christmas Eve, and had been prostituted and tortured by the couple ever since.

Kimmel only heard details about the victim he saved through the news, and he’s glad she was brought to safety.

ā€œIā€™m just happy I helped her,ā€ he said.


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