Netanyahu Gives Obama Some Bad News- He’s Not Going To Like This

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Obama just got some news about Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that he is definitely not going to like: Netanyahu’s approval ratings are now higher than ever, and are far higher than Obama’s.

Obama and his goons have been trying to take Netanyahu down for quite awhile now, but their efforts seem to have failed. According to  Conservative Tribune, his approval ratings have increased by 10 points in the last two years.

Recent polls show that 45% of Americans view Netanyahu favorably, while 24% view him negatively. Two years ago, these numbers were 35% favorable and 23 % unfavorably.

Netanyahu’s net favorability score can be calculated by subtracting his unfavorable score from his favorable score, so his net favorability rating is 21.

Obama currently has a net favorability rating of one, which is calculated by subtracting his 47% unfavorable rating from his 48% favorability score.

Obama clearly feels threatened by Netanyahu’s popularity in the U.S., which explains why sources say he was enraged when John Boehner invited the Israeli leader to speak before congress.

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