What These Liberals Just Did Could Get Rush Limbaugh Kicked Off The Air

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Liberals have been trying to get rid of Rush Limbaugh for many years, and recently they stepped up their game in a big way.

Leftists have launched a campaign called “StopRush,” which is meant to encourage advertisers to drop him. If they can get enough advertisers to do this, Rush will likely not be able to stay on air.

Unfortunately for those angry liberals, their campaign failed miserably. According to Conservative Tribune, all their handwork earned them was a lawsuit for defamation and slander of Rush.

Undeterred, the liberals have turned their attention to Rush’s advisor and spokesman Brian Glicklich. Like Rush, Glicklich is not one to go down without a fight. He has filed a lawsuit of his own against Carol Kernahan Wallin, one of the leaders of Stop Rush.

“(T)he leaders of StopRush are no more and no less than a handful of people committed to eliminating the free speech rights of those they perceive as political opposition, while preserving their own right to do anything they want,” said Glicklich. “It would be laughable, if they weren’t so dangerous.”

He went on to say that the StopRush people are bullies, and that their threats and harassment need to end.

“(T)hey’re going after me because I’ve spent years uncovering the lies and deceptions at their heart. That they aren’t principled, they aren’t large, and they aren’t meaningful,” he continued. “I’ve identified them by name, and they cower in anonymity in order to be able to lie without consequence.”

Hopefully, these lawsuits will stop the StopRush people dead in their tracks, allowing Rush to continue to spread the conservative word.

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