Obama Defies Federal Judge- Tries To Destroy Constitution

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Last week, U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen made national headlines by halting Obama’s executive action granting amnesty. Conservatives everywhere rejoiced, thinking that Obama’s ridiculous plan to help illegal immigrants had been stopped, but this turned out not to be the case.

According to new reports, Obama has decided to go through with his amnesty plan anyway, despite the federal judge’s ruling. The White House is moving forward with a major part of their plan that will allow spouses of working visa holders to obtain papers.

“Allowing the spouses of these visa holders to legally work in the United States makes perfect sense,” said Leon Rodriguez, head of the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services. “It helps U.S. businesses keep their highly skilled workers by increasing the chances these workers will choose to stay in this country during the transition from temporary workers to permanent residents.”

This would be amazing: if it was actually dealing with “highly-skilled workers.” Highly skilled workers would have gotten H-1B visas long ago, so something tells us we won’t be seeing any software engineers jumping the fence so they can get working visas to go into computer programming at Google.

According to Conservative Tribune, Obama has found a loophole that may allow for his amnesty plan to pass in full. He is reportedly planning to subvert the judge’s order by implementing the plan in the 24 states that have NOT signed onto the Texas-led lawsuit that resulted in the injunction.

Apparently, Obama isn’t even pretending to care about the judge’s ruling, saying it changed nothing.

“JW’s government source confirms that, even after the court ruling, DHS is moving forward with its plan to seal large contracts with companies that will process millions of illegal immigrants as soon as possible,” Judicial Watch said in a release.

There you have it, folks. President Obama has no respect for U.S. law, or the constitution.

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