Thugs Attack Innocent Couple, But They Weren’t Counting on This Family Dog

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When five thugs attacked Damien Strickland and Mersadie Wells-Shahan outside their home in Tampa, Florida, they had no idea how big a mistake they were making.

Seeing his owners in trouble, the couple’s dog Legend, a bullstaff mix, rushed to their aide. The dog bit one assailant and chased the others down as he desperately tried to save his masters. According to IJ Review, the thugs eventually shot Legend twice in a desperate attempt to escape.

The dog was rushed to the hospital, where doctors quickly got him the help he needed. They expect him to make a full recovery as long as he gets the rest he needs.

Wells-Shahan and Strickland are crediting their “gentle giant” dog for saving their lives, and police are even thanking Legend as well for helping them catch the criminals. They arrested a man shortly after the incident after they spotted him trying to hide the dog bite Legend had given him.

We applaud Legend for his bravery in saving his owner’s lives. This dog definitely deserves a treat!

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