Here’s What a Texas Muslim Group Just Did to a Fox News Reporter

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In the wake of the Charlie Hebdo terrorist attacks. a Muslim group in Texas organized a “Stand With The Prophet” rally to promote the “Islam is a religion of peace” narrative.

Unfortunately, they ended up doing the complete opposite…

Video shows Fox News reporter Jesse Watters get denied entry to the event, despite the fact that he had the proper credentials to attend.

When asked if he had filled out the event paperwork, Watters replied, “Yeah, I filled out the media form and I bought tickets too, personally.”

“And now they’re saying I can’t go in,” he added.

“There’s a certain type of media allowed,” the man replied to Watters, according to the Conservative Tribune.

“I thought this was supposed to be open press and I came all the way down here from New York,” Watters countered as the man walked away.

Muslim groups such as this one try to pretend that they are a “peaceful” and “open-minded” group that loves everyone, but in the end they are complete bigots who are only out for themselves.

Their actions prove this to be so.


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