This New Revelation About Obama’s Past Could Change Everything

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Recently, Rudy Giuliani got a lot of flack from liberals for saying that Obama does not love his country.

The press has particularly seized upon Giuliani’s claim that Obama was once mentored by a “literal communist” as evidence that the former New York City mayor is an out of touch bigot. However, new evidence has proven that Giuliani was right all along.

Reports reveal that Obama was mentored as a child in Hawaii by noted communist Frank Marshall Davis. Davis joined the communist party in the 1940s, when members had to take an oath to “ensure the triumph of Soviet power in the United States.”

Davis later became editor-in-chief of the Chicago Star, a Soviet party-line paper. He was also on the federal government’s security index, which was a list of people the government could arrest if war with the Soviet Union broke out. Davis had round the clock surveillance from the government for most of his life.


In 1970, Davis began meeting with a young Barack Obama, whose grandfather thought needed a male black role model. The two hit it off, and Davis soon became Obama’s mentor in a relationship that had a deep impact on the future president’s life. In his memoir Dreams of My Father, Obama mentions Davis by name (calling him just “Frank”) a total of 22 times.

According to Conservative Tribune, all references to “Frank” were nixed from the memoir’s audio book as Obama prepared to run for president.

Clearly Obama has a communist past that goes deep inside him. At the very least, Giuliani was quite right in saying that Obama was mentored by a “literal communist.”

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