Liberal Media Launches Petition To “Hold O’Reilly Accountable”

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For the last week or so, Bill O’Reilly has been facing accusations that he lied about his stories of covering the Fauklands War. On Wednesday, the liberal watchdog group Media Matters launched a petition that calls for him to be punished in the same way Brian Williams was for lying.

The petition already has over 10,000 signatures, and it calls on Fox to “hold Bill O’Reilly accountable for deceiving viewers about his ‘combat zone’ experience.”

According to Mediaite, the petition states:

“Bill O’Reilly shouldn’t get away with years of misleading viewers just because he’s an icon at Fox News. If Fox wants to move past this scandal, it needs to follow NBC’s example with Brian Williams and take action to hold O’Reilly accountable for this deception.”

If they are hoping O’Reilly will be suspended, they shouldn’t hold their breath. Fox head Roger Ailes has already said he is “in full support” of O’Reilly.

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