The Former CIA Director Just Dropped A Bombshell About Obama

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Millions of Americans have been frustrated lately by Obama’s refusal to even say the words “radical Islam,” much less condemn it.

This week, former CIA director James Woolsey spoke to CNN about Obama being “too politically correct,” and what the consequences of this “strategy” could be.

“The president is sort of a world champion of political correctness, and I think that he’s let it really run too far here. It might be different if he was taking a stern position in the Middle East and (other places) that are causing huge problems,” Woolsey said, according to Conservative Tribune.

“Basically, he looks scared. He looks as if he’s afraid of using the adjective ‘Islamic’ to describe the terrorists,” he added. “And that doesn’t mean that all terrorists are Muslims, and it doesn’t mean that all Muslims are terrorist. That’s nuts. If you can’t do that, you look like you’re scared.”

The former CIA director is right: it does look like Obama is too scared to say “radical Islam”, which in the end only makes our entire country look weak and cowardly.

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