Woman Caught Flipping Off Dead Soldiers, But Karma Doesn’t Let Her Get Away With It

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Back in 2012, Lindsay Stone became one of the most hated people in America when a photo of her flipping off a sign at Arlington National Cemetery went viral.

The image shows Stone giving the middle finger to a sign at the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier that says “Silence and Respect” and the backlash against her was swift. Soon after the picture was posted to Facebook, both Stone and her coworker who snapped the photo were fired from their jobs. Stone was then unable to leave her house for a year after receiving countless death and rape threats.

Comments on her photo included “Lindsey Stone hates the military and hates soldiers who have died in foreign wars,” “You should rot in hell,” and “Just pure Evil.”

Even her own father called the picture “disgraceful.”

“It was just a spur of the moment, total lapse of judgment,” Peter Stone said. “She wasn’t reacting to the place; she was reacting to the sign and she apologizes to everybody.”


Even now, Stone lives in continuous fear that new employers will find the photo and fire her. She says the image has affected every aspect of her life.

“Since it happened, I haven’t tried to date anybody,” she lamented. “How much do you let a new person into your life? Do they already know?”

That’s what you get for flipping off the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

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