Married Teacher Caught Having Sex With Student…In Her Classroom

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A married Connecticut teacher has plead not guilty to charges of having sex with a student in her classroom and sending selfies of herself in a thong to two 15 and 17 year-old students.

Allison Marchese, 37, had been a renowned high school English Teacher for 12 years before she turned herself into police after they discovered pictures of her wearing only a bra and thong. The arrest came after a five week investigation at Daniel Hand High School, where both Marchese and her husband Robert are teachers.

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A 17 year-old student has told police that he regularly received flirtatious and sexual selfies of his teacher, but she claims she sent them to her husband.

However, online evidence does not look good for Marchese. In one instance, she messaged one of her students on Instagram to excuse himself from class and come to her classroom. Saying he needed to use the bathroom, the boy left class and headed to room 347, where his teacher was waiting.

“Once in the room, they got into each other’s personal space and started to ‘hook up’ which he described as kissing each other and she then started touching him ‘downtown,”’ the affidavit reads, according to Daily Mail.

Realizing it was “not safe,” Marchese “locked the classroom door and closed the blinds” before performing a sex act on the boy.


After summer break of 2014, the boy wanted to stop the relationship, but Marchese wouldn’t let him go. She would send him confusing messages like “I know when to stop, I know when to move on, but I know is different from I can.”

The boy came up with a plan to blackmail Marchese, saying he would stay silent for $200. In response, she warned him that her father has “mafia ties” and that he would make sure the boy “would never play football again” if he messed with her.


Finally, the boy had had enough and he reported Marchese to school officials. She was arrested on January 7.

It was then that police launched their investigation and discovered the 15 year-old victim as well. He said Marchese had messaged him on Instagram that he was so attractive that she couldn’t focus on teaching her class. He said she messaged him “nonstop” during the beginning of summer vacation. Many of these messages were long and rambling, and were intended to make him feel guilty for not responding.

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Robert Marchese, 39, says he noticed a change in his wife when she recently became obsessed with “social media and working out. He claims his wife confessed to him that she had been having an “inappropriate relationship” with the 15 year-old, communicating with him in “sexually explicit ways.” He also said that she “admitted having oral sex” with the 17 year-old. Robert secretly recorded her confessing these things, and he has submitted the recording to the police.

“I find the alleged conduct of this teacher vile and disgusting,” Superintendent of Schools Thomas R. Scarice said. “The bond of trust between a professional educator and a student is fragile and precious. The violation of this bond is nothing less than reprehensible.”

Marchese is facing charges of second degree sexual assault and impairing the morals of a child. She could face up to 10 years in prison.

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