Hollywood Insider: Here’s Why ‘American Sniper’ Was Snubbed

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Hollywood actress turned Fox News host Stacey Dash spoke out on Monday to reveal the real reason why American Sniper was snubbed at Sunday night’s Academy Awards.

Dash made the comments while discussing last night’s ceremony with her cohosts Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Brian Kilmeade:

Elisabeth Hasselbeck: How pervasive are politics in Hollywood right now where we can’t even watch the Oscars? Everybody has their freedom of speech but you would think there would be some who feel a different way now. Are there some being silenced?

Stacey Dash: Oh yeah, being silenced. And I think they are so chummy with this administration. They love it so much…

Brian Kilmeade: But, let me ask you something. Clint Eastwood, 84 years old does the American sniper. Now, it seems Hollywood liked “The Hurt Locker.” They liked “Lone Survivor.” What’s the problem? Was Clint Eastwood the problem with American Sniper” do you think because he was at the RNC talking to the chair?

Stacey Dash: Probably. I would say probably. Which is so sad. It’s Clint Eastwood. And that film was the most beautiful film I’ve seen in a very long time.

Dash is likely not very far off the mark. Hollywood is notoriously liberal, and “out” conservatives like Clint Eastwood are often forced to pay a heavy price for their political views.

In the end, Eastwood’s conservative values may have cost him an Oscar last night.

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