Taya Kyle Speaks Out on Jesse Ventura Lawsuit

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Despite claims by Jesse Ventura, the widow of ‘American Sniper’ Chris Kyle says that she will have to pay much of the lawsuit damages out-of-pocket.

In Summer 2014, Ventura won a lawsuit when he claimed that Kyle defamed him in his book. Ventura continued to pursue the lawsuit after Kyle’s death — making Kyle’s wife, Taya, the defendant.

Ventura, who won $1.8 million as a result of the lawsuit, has received much criticism for bullying the widow of an American hero. He has repeatedly asserted that the book publisher’s insurance company will cover the $1.8 million.

But that just isn’t true, according to Taya.

Taya went on Fox News and said that she is personally on the hook for much of the $1.8 million. On ‘The Real Story,’ the military wife said, “Absolutely. I think $1.8 million was the total amount, and I think insurance was responsible for $500,000 because of the way the law is written and all that.”

Ventura has been vocal in his vindication and is not concerned by the financial damage being done to Taya.

He said back in August, “She’s making millions right now. She’s already made millions off the book. She’s not hurting. She’s doing speaking engagements throughout the country, traveling all over … she probably has more money than I do.”

No matter what happens, Mr. Conservative will continue to stand with Taya Kyle. Ventura is a bully and has NO place bullying the wife of an American hero.

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