Walmart Caves To Liberal Protesters in a Despicable Way

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Walmart announced on Thursday that they would be raising wages for half a million employees after a large-scale protest was launched by angry liberals.

According to Daily Mail, Walmart has decided to funnel $1 billion into how they pay and train their workers. The changes involve raging wages for entry-level workers to $9 an hour by April, then $10 an hour by next February.

$9 an hour is a full $1.75 above minimum wage, so you would think the protesters would be satisfied. Unfortunately, they are not at all. The protesters have demanded that Walmart raise their wages to a whopping $15 an hour minimum, and that they give employees more consistent hours as well.

“Big day for OUR Walmart!” the protest group wrote in a statement. “Today Walmart responded to our call for higher pay and more consistent schedules. They are committing to raise pay for 500,000 associates by raising the minimum pay to $9 per hour this year and $10 next year and and also raising the floor and ceiling for most current pay bands.”

“This doesn’t get most of us to $15 and FT (full-time) but it shows that by standing together and taking action we can make big change at Walmart,” they added. “Today when we go to work let’s tell our co-workers what we have accomplished and invite them to join us in making even bigger change at Walmart.”

Walmart made a crucial mistake in bowing to the protesters demands. There is no such thing as negotiating with liberal protesters because they do not believe in compromise. Walmart raising wages a little bit will not silence the protesters: they will not stop until every one of their demands are met.

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