Muslims Just Did Something Despicable To A Florida Church

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A storage building attached to a Christian church in Melbourne, Florida was set on fire and vandalized by a group of Muslims this week in an apparent hate crime.

According to the Conservative Tribune, the building was vandalized with the phrase “Allahu Akbar” and a swastika along with the words “we see you.”

The incident occurred early Monday morning at the New Shiloh Christian Church, and police were alerted by a fire alarm. Had a sprinkler system not contained the blaze, the entire church would have likely burned to the ground.


“To find something like that in 2015 is unbelievable. It’s just disheartening,” said Bishop Jacquelyn Gordon.

Police are currently investigating this case, but they have not yet located the vandals. The media has been ignoring the case, given the strong evidence that this is an anti-Christian hate crime perpetrated by Muslims.

Hopefully, those responsible for this crime will be caught and brought to justice. They need to learn that anti-religious hate crimes of any sort are not tolerated in this great country.

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