Taya Kyle Slammed For Honoring Her Late Husband With This

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Chris Kyle’s widow Taya was recently filmed on a hunting trip she took to honor her late husband.

Taya Kyle travelled to Wyoming to hunt the pronghorn antelope, finding comfort in the natural landscape her husband loved.

“His life, his hunting — that was him from the time he was a little boy,” Taya said in the video.“That was him being out in nature. That was him finding his peace. That was him providing meat for the family. It was his moment to get out of the stress. It was a really big thing in his life.”

“I have a very different perspective on hunting because I know that peaceful side,” she added, according to New York Daily News. “And the more I do it, the more I fall in love with it. It is very beautiful, it’s peaceful, it’s nature at it’s best.”

Taya eventually became emotional in the footage when she felt the presence of Chris with her.

“I do believe that Chris was with me,” Taya said as she began to cry. “This hunt, I feel like he’s always with me, but sometimes more strongly than others. I feel that he’s proud, I feel that he’s happy, I feel like he has more answers than I do, so while there’s a part of me that has some regrets that we didn’t have more time or didn’t take more time to do this, I also know we did the best we could … it’s not the same but I know he’s with me.”

Liberals were of course outraged that Taya released a video of herself hunting animals, but we doubt that mattered to her one bit.

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