You Won’t Believe What This Man Just Found In His Closet- This is Chilling

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Back in 2008, police found a woman living in a man’s closet in Fukoka, Japan unbeknownst to the homeowner.

Tatsuko Horikawa, 58, was a homeless woman who found herself with no place to live. One day she spotted the unnamed man leave his house with the door unlocked, so she took the opportunity to sneak in.

According to Ryot, she moved a mattress into a closet the man hardly used, and made a little home for herself there. For months and months, the man thought he lived alone when he was actually sharing his home with a secret roommate.

After months of noticing food going missing, the man finally installed security cameras in his home. The cameras sent images to his cell phone, and one day when he was out a they captured someone moving. He called the police thinking it was a burglar, and when they arrived at the home they found Horikawa curled up in the closet.

Horikawa did not steal any items of the house, but she did use the shower and toilet. Police reported that she was surprisingly “neat and clean.”

Police charged the woman with trespassing, a charge that is akin to sneaking into an amusement park for a few hours.

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