Obama’s Latest Plan Gives Him A Terrifying Amount of Power

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Obama recently made a speech that is so hypocritical that it would be laughable were it not so terrifying.

In the speech, Obama slammed the Bush administration for the “unconstitutional” way they handled terrorists by incarcerating them at Guantanamo Bay. Without a hint of irony, the president then announced his own plan to deal with terrorists through “preventive incarceration.”

Preventive incarceration means Obama is able to incarcerate people for crimes they have not yet committed and hold them for as long as he sees fit. The president added that he is prepared to introduce legislation to make this legal.

While he made it seem as if this method of incarceration would only be used on terrorists, it would be naive to believe that. Once it is put in place, Obama would no doubt use it to incarcerate anyone who disagrees with him under the guise that they are about to commit a crime.

2016 cannot come fast enough…We need to get this guy out of the White House.

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