Former Obama Aide Reveals Shocking Bombshell About the President

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A former top aide to Obama has released a tell-all book, and he has revealed that the president has been known to lose his cool with a fiery temper.

David Axelrod was Obama’s top strategist during the 2012 presidential election, and he wrote in his book Believer: My Forty Years in Politics that Obama once publicly cursed him out, and stormed out of a debate-prep session in a fit of rage.

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Axelrod says he was trying to offer Obama some constructive criticism before his first debate with Romney, but the president didn’t take it very well.

“Motherf****r’s never happy!” Obama screamed in anger before stomping out of the room in front of stunned onlookers.

“That was a first,” Axelrod wrote, according to Daily Mail. “Obama and I had been working together for a decade, through some pretty hairy moments, but he had never before lost his temper in this fashion.”

“He certainly never attacked me so harshly, especially in front of others,” he added.


In the end, Obama should probably have listened to Axelrod, as his first debate was a disaster. A staggering 67% of the public voted that Romney had won the debate, and the president was left humiliated. Axelrod believes that Obama’s outburst was based on his own insecurities about not being prepared for the debate.

“My sense was that the president knew he wasn’t ready,” the wrote. “His mind-set, his reluctance to embrace the game, had been wrongheaded from the start, and now it was clearly hurting him.”

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