Obama Announces Gun Control Executive Order: Here’s What He Banned

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Since becoming president, Barack Obama has shown a clear contempt for both the constitution and the values this great country was founded on. He recently proved this once again when he issued an executive order banning M855 ammunition.

This particular ammunition is a 62-grain .223/5.56 caliber round that is a lead bullet with a steel tip. It is also called a “green tip” thanks to it’s painted green tip. According to the Conservative Tribune, it is the official ammunition used by the U.S. military.

A 1986 federal law bans the manufacture, importation and sale by licensed manufacturers of handgun ammunition that has a solid core made of certain heavy metals and alloys. It does not, however, ban the possession of this ammunition. The law was meant to stop the general public from owning “armor piercing” bullets that could penetrate bulletproof vests of law enforcement.

Obama has used this law to ban M855 ammunition, claiming the round is “armor piercing,” but this is a blatant lie. Any expert would say that this ammunition is not even close to armor piercing, and Obama’s newest executive order is clearly a political ploy to undermine the Second Amendment.

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