GRAPHIC: ISIS Releases New Execution Video


February 11, 2015 4:00pm PST

ISIS has released a new execution video, and this time they went back to basics.

The brutal new video shows the terrorist group executing a Syrian regime soldier by shooting him with a shotgun in the back of the head. While the execution may seem simple compared to the burning and beheading videos, the shotgun blast caused devastating injuries to the victim’s head that are far too graphic to publish.

The film follows a formula that is becoming all too familiar to people all over the globe. According to Daily Mail, the film begins with a hostage clad in orange being forced to read a statement to the camera. He is then led to a courtyard, where he is forced to kneel in front of an ISIS killer dressed in black.

The killer then rants to the camera in arabic, declaring the usual ISIS threats before someone off camera throws him a shotgun. He executes the hostage, but the carefully edited video then replays the execution in slow motion, so that the viewer is forced to notice every detail of the hostage’s gruesome injuries.

Judging from this video, ISIS is far from done with their quest to kill as many people as possible.


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