Chris Kyle’s Last Words About His Killer Are Revealed

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The trial of Chris Kyle’s killer is currently underway. and lawyers have already revealed the final words the sniper said about his killer.

Defense lawyers for Eddie Ray Routh, who has admitted to killing Kyle, presented some ominous text messages the ex-Navy Seal sent to his friend Chad Littlefield, who also died that day.

“Chris Kyle was sitting in the driver’s seat on his telephone and he texted Chad Littlefield, sitting right next to him, he texted him, ‘This dude is straight up nuts,’” Moore told jurors, according to Mediaite.

Littlefield responded, “He’s right behind me, watch my six,” which is military slang for “cover me from behind.”

“When he took their lives, he was in the grip of a psychosis, a psychosis so severe that he did not know what he was doing was wrong,” Moore said, laying out the basis for his client’s insanity argument. “In fact, not only didn’t he know that what he was doing was wrong, he thought at that time it was either him or them — that he had to take their lives because in his psychosis … He was going to take their souls. Before they took his soul.”

Lest you fear that Routh will get off with an insanity plea, Erath County District Attorney Alan Nash was there to remind the jury that the criteria for an insanity defense is very narrow.

“Two best friends are going to befriend another man and spend time with him doing what men like to do: That is, go out and shoot guns together,” he said.

“Has the defense proved that when he did that, when he intentionally caused these men’s deaths, that he had a severe mental illness or defect to cause him to not know what he was doing was wrong?” Nash asked jurors to consider when the time comes to reach a verdict.

We will continue bringing you regular updates as this trial moves forward.


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