Police Under Fire After Forcing Muslim Woman to Remove Hijab

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Michigan police are under fire after arresting a Muslims woman then ‘forcing’ her to remove her hijab.

The woman, 27-year-old Malak Kazan, was pulled over for a traffic violation. Police ran her license and found out that it was suspended. The cops arrested Kazan for a traffic misdemeanor, the Detroit Free Press reported, and then ordered her to remove the hiab for a mug shot.

Kazan since filed a discrimination suit against the Dearborn Heights Police. She believes that she was discriminated against for wearing a hijab.

Amir Makled, Kazan’s attorney, reportedly said, “Your religious freedoms are not stripped at the jailhouse door. It’s part of the cannons of their faith to wear a head scarf. For her to have it removed in front of a non-relative male, would be a non-pleasant experience for her.”

The cops counter that view, and claim that items such as hats and head scarves pose threats to officers — they claim that the woman was not asked to remove the head scarf due to discrimination.

What do you think — were the cops acting appropriately in this situation? Sound off in the comments section.

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